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Kakinada,February 6,(way2newstv.com):
The demand for merging the Kakinada Railway to Mainline was given to Nirvana. The next budget is Rs. The total amount of Rs. Reached 200 crores. Total cost of this project is Rs. Of the current allocation, the funds allocated are almost allocated to 230 crores. The responsibility for maintaining a new railway line is on the state government. The new line is about 18 km between Pithapuram and Kakinada. The government had earlier announced that it would collect the land needed by the state government. 


In this context, Kakinada MP Garden Narasimha will be fully focused on this line and it is clear that this line will soon begin. Once the Kakinada railway line is on the mainline, each train that runs east-west direction will travel through Kakinada. Thus, the way to the district headquarters Kakinada is exceptionally well. The Center is building a new railway budget for the Kottypalli-Narsapur railway line. 430 crores has been allocated. This has resulted in decades of struggle. 

A single track has been constructed from Kakinada to Kotiyapalli in the past. However, the railway line was not incomplete without constructing the railway line from Kotapally to Narasapur in West Godavari district. Consequently, the train wagon for the Konusema has become a dream. If the railway line from Kottypally to Narsapur is constructed, it is possible to reach West Godavari district through Konaseema. Similarly, railways will be able to develop two separate Godavari districts. A large scale oil and natural gas industries are ongoing along the east coast. Leading industries are emerging in Konasima. All this is necessary for a railwayline. The railways will have to go up to the people of Konaseema who have not been trained so far. Large scale improvement for industrial and industrial needs.