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Karimnagar,February 7,(way2news.com):
The Karunanagar district focused on the internal contradictions between the leaders of the BJP and the party's high profile. Dr. K. Laxman, the party's president, has come up with his efforts to make the difference. The advocate of his close friend, the party senior leader, told the party that he would stay away from the party and politics with talks with Sanjay Kumar. 


The party sources say there are possibilities for a collision till Tuesday. In Karimnagar district, Karimnagar district, which turned out to be the karif address for the internal controversy, has been quoted as saying that the party's second position in the 2014 general election has bagged 50,000 votes and the second one is to leave the party and the politics of Karimnagar and the politics of the Karimnagar. Party President Laxman has come into the field with the idea that the differences will be more advanced than before, and credible information is being negotiated and negotiated with three sections. Sanjay Sasimira is reportedly saying that he is trying to appease the lawyer, who is close to Laxman and discusses with Sanjay. 

Laxman has suggested three sections of the dispute that the party is intent on strengthening the party in the coming election, From Monday to Sunday, party leaders, activists, fans and friends are in solidarity with Bandi Sanjay Kumar who reached Karimnagar from Hyderabad. In social media too, Sanjay Kumar has a positive posting. On the other hand, the representatives of various heads of state and Hindu organizations are also referring to Sanjay, Meanwhile, the parties are predicting the upcoming election scenario, leading to some interesting discussion in the other parties on the announcement of the ban on Sanjay politics. At the same time, the party high command has been involved in the task of completing the differences in the BJP, and the interest of the carte-winner is now in the interest of everyone.