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Vijayawada,February 7,(
Proposals are being prepared to increase the nutrient gardens in 20 cents of land in each district of the district. After the government issued orders to increase the nutrient gardens in each village, the Tahsildars were ordered to report 20 cents of land and report the report. This land is Rs. Making employment up to Rs. Seeds will be distributed with 2 finger. Panchayati Raj Department 60 sheds will be set up for shed and motor. Under Management Expenditure by ICDS 58 thousand will be spent. 


Total Rs. Nominee Gardens has been proposed to be increased to 1.34 lakh in all villages across the district. Agricultural authorities have to take special care to provide water to the rabi crop through prurational methods, since the level of water released from the pest is not hopeful. In the various branches of the district, the birthplace, the financial and non-financial issues that come into your mind, along with the main aspects in 15 parameters are collected from their respective staff and quick to settle. A special meeting will be reviewed with 49 Mandal Special Officers and 11 Municipal Special Officers in the District. 

In order to resolve the petition, you should contact the beneficiary directly through phone and give instructions on how to fix the application. The e-office, Vijaya management and CFMS are to be implemented in full scale. Farmers are supervised to sell older fertilizers and seeds sold through various boutiques through the agriculture department in the district. The collector said the UGADI would be honored with the gold scheme for district, mandal and village level officers in various developmental welfare programs in different districts of the district. Irrigation officials are required to prepare a large pond for a long time under the water-tree scheme in the district for 116 days. Much of the cotton work is done under the Employment Guarantee Scheme. From 131s to Rs. To do 142 works. As part of Ods, the district should work to convert the private toilets to the ODF, with the purity, the Sustainer and the Geo Tagging. The 5,000 additional toilets to be constructed in the district are to be completed by March.