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New Delhi, February 1, (
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the 2018-19 annual budget will be strengthened for agriculture and rural economy. Jaitley described the budget priorities in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. Maintaining sustainable growth rate and organizing system reforms in order to achieve more than 8 per cent in the coming years.

                                               PLANNING AND NON-PLAN BUDGET

After the GST, the banknotes were canceled, the economy is growing steadily. The country has lost its policy deficit till 2014 and expressed concern over corruption. When they came to power, they changed the policies altogether. Now the natural resources are transparent. By 2022, the goal of the farmers is to double the income of farmers. Arun Jaitley was appointed the Union Finance Minister for the fifth time in the Parliament. Jaitley switched to this 70-year-old tradition. So far the budget speech in English continued and Jaitley put it away. Jaitley started his speech in some English and some Hindi. In the middle of speech, he continued to speak in Hindi. He has come to power with the assurance of elimination of poverty in four years ago. By that time the country was lagging behind policy decisions and reforms.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken many key reforms. He said he has been spending no natural resources in the form of transparent policy. He said he would have a budget without division of plan and non-plan expenditure. He said that he knows that there are many hopes on this budget. Development of the fruits of development and the decision to increase the growth rate has been introduced in the budget proposals. Jaitley said that the slow growth rate due to GST's implementation is temporary and that the growth rate will rise significantly in the near future. India's 7.5 per cent growth has been achieved and India is the 7th largest economy in the world. The Narendra Modi-led government is committed to tackling corruption, corruption and black money. Before Jaitley's speech, Parliament mourned for the death of Maharashtra MP Chintamani two minutes silently.