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Hyderabad, February 1, (
The Department of Hyderabad's Maha Urban Development Authority (HMDA) has been engaged in counterfeiting consultancy and architectures. The permits issued by the Development Permission Management System (DPMS) are transparent but do not let the counterfeits.

                                            NOTICES TO 51 PLANNERS IN THE CITY

 As part of this, during the construction of the Approval Licenses, 51 planners and architects have been issued notices to 10 provisions. At the same time, the commissioner's immaculately enforced enforcement of the fake LRS prosecutions in the field has been dropped. The DSP Rahman team, which was investigating the case for three days, filed a complaint at the Osmania University Police Station on real estate broker Rajshah and Outsourcing employee (JPP).

 The Commissioner's Entrepreneurs issued the order to Enforcement DSP Rahman on Monday to set up shops in the campus of the Central Office Campus. In the fake LRS prosecution case, they were ordered to seize the shops. Enforcement has come up with special special drives and action against planers, consultancy and architects without government approval. Shoppers in the office premises have issued notices to those who come to the shops for those tasks, except the applicant. Officials said the services would be permitted only 3 to 5 hours from the afternoon of the workforce, without the involvement of middlemen.