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Vikarabad,February 19,(
Transco officials are preparing plans to form digital prepay electric meters. Transco officials embarked on digital prepaid to prevent electric bills and stunts. At the time of electrification, the customer will have to pay a minimum of Rs 500. Transco officials have taken up a prestigious digital prepaid electricity meter program. Pre-installed electricity meters have already been set up for the respective division centers. 


Transco officials are preparing plans for the first time in government offices. Local Transco officials have stated that the prospects of full-scale access from April 1 are high. Transco edition Naveen Kumar explained that steps will be taken to create digital prepayment meters for government schools, households and other customers in stages. The cost of creating a prepaid electricity meter would be Rs. 1700, which the customer would have to pay. Electricity meters will have at least Rs 500 a richer, while recharging power is used when the power is used .. Excess power is supplied by automatic power supply. Prepaired electricity meters will be available from April 1 in the Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy, Medak, Nalgonda and Hyderabad districts as part of the electricity reform. In prepaid procedure, you will have to pay money and buy electricity. 

The government offices with high power connections have the potential to set up electric meters in April. Over the next three years, electricity makers in housing, commercial and other sectors are being converted into prepaid meters. The losses in transco are likely to fall in full swing. Transco officials are taking action to charge the customer with the old charges and replace the new digital prepaid electric meters. Many educators have been told that transco officials should work to enhance the full awareness of this policy.