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Hyderabad, February 3, (
Rangopalvarman became the center of controversy. His criticism of the social media platform has been scuttled throughout the state. It was easy to say that there was a God Sex Truth called WebSeries 

                                                    VARMA IN INDIA IS GST SHOCK

This has been disputed since the beginning of the shooting. Women's women were shown without clothes and did not swallow women's associations. A large protest was expressed. Finally, many women associations complained to Cyber ​​Crime Police that the issue of God Sex and Truth (JDT), which was produced by Ram Gopal Varma, was among the many controversies. Even though the Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crime Police registered the case can not stop the release, the whole country stopped broadcasting.

 In our country, there is a ban on porn ... so he ordered the film to be canceled throughout the country. The Vimeo Web site has sent a letter to the police that the full range of transmissions will be canceled in India. The Cyber ​​Crime Police once again appealed to website administrators in the wake of the $ 3-to-be-canceled facility. The website representatives once again sent a letter to cancel the entire broadcast. Riju VG - GD (God Sex and Truth) can not be viewed by the audience in the country, "Cyber ​​Crime Additional DPP Raghuvar said.