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New Delhi, February 3, (
China is making efforts to keep India in their custody and become a world power. India is a strategic snare. It is our neighbor countries. Gadewar was constructed in Pakistan as part of it. It is in the process of using it as naval base. In Hambantota, the Hambantota port has been constructed and signed by Mauritius. China is capable of carrying out China's warships in Gadwar.

                                            INDIA'S STRENGTHS....CHINA IS SQUEEZED 

 Our country has built Chabahar Port in Iran close to checking it. So that the dragon sent signals to block the aggressor. China, which recently raised moves in the Indian Ocean, has set up a military base in Djibouti. India is a challenge to India in terms of protection. India is seeing the dragon's kabaddi. Each strategy is designed to check its strategies. China has established a military base in Djibouti, strategically located strategically. In contrast, India has signed a military base in Seychelles. Without stopping this we will have to deal with Oman, a very friendly friend. Oman is in strategic position in the Persian Gulf.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Oman next week. There is a possibility of a deal with the military base during the visit of the Prime Minister. That's not the case. India is moving to breathe China. The Defense Logistics Agreement with France is similar to the logistics exchange agreement with the United States. This allows Indian ships to use the French naval base in the reunion islands near Djibouti. India is developing a military base in Agalida Island in Mauritius. India's steps to check Chinese movements that are steadily growing in the Indian Ocean are crucial to our defense.