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March 13,(
In the 'Rajaratham', the Arya first look was a huge rendering of the visual look, and the look was raised on the character. That look was originally inspired by Eega, Bahubali Fale Kiccha Sudeep. At the beginning of his career, Sudeep worked for a Kannada tele serial called 'Prema kadambari' in the 90s by Anoop and Nirup's father Sudhakar Bhandari. Since then, Anoop and Nirups have come up with Sudip for discussing their Story Ideas. Anoop also produced a script called 'Yodha' with the role of police who did not end up in Sudip's engineering days.

Anoop received several awards, including short film 'Words' in his direction. In 2010, a short film about Sudeep visit guest  was appreciated about the short film. The 'Rajaratham' script was in the first stage. The press meet was on Sudip Blue Curta, Jeans and Sandals. Anoop, who saw Sudeep in the Gettap, had a unique role in his 'Rajaratham'. Sudeep was seen on the day as he wanted to know how to be cosmopolitan. After Rajaratham's pre-production works, Anoop told his wife, Raja Ratham, a costume designer Neeta Shetty. The Nita Shetty Arya Look was designed to be a reflection.


Arya's assistants also liked Arya Look super in 'Rajaratham'. The cosmic role of 'Rajaratham' is said to be enough for the role of Arya. Arya is seen as a very lover and says she looks good in her boss's new dashing look. When Arya consumes and sleeps, Jim also dances ahead of him and director Anup Bhandari is telling Arya to tarachor. Arya took her character very seriously. Dialogues and expressions are all about rehearsals for a long time to come in perfect, so that Telugu is not its language. Arya, who is a fan of 'Rangitharangi', is doing this film with the intention of doing justice to his character in the director's film. Director Anoop Bhandari said about Arya, "Arya's big hero is very humongous, in a timely manner in the set, and without any luck for the role." Romantic music comedy 'Rajaratham' is released worldwide on March 23rd. Ajay Reddy, Anu Vallabhaneni, Vishu Dhakappagari and Satish are the producers of 'Rajaratham' on 'Jolly Hits' banner.