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Anantapur, March 14, (
Irrigation Engineers in ACBs trap. They have side-by-side seats in the same office. There is nothing else. But the ACB officers were found crossing. The ACB officials attacked Ananthapura Minor Irrigation Quality Control office on Wednesday. Dear Veera Reddy from a contractor in Madurai 20 thousand, no daya nayak alias Shankara nayak 26 fingers were taken. These attacks took place with Adinarayana complaint on behalf of the victim Shankar Reddy. Under the Peddavaduguru tree scheme. Bribery has been demanded for granting 18 lakh worth of deeds. Shankar Reddy complained to the ACB. The ACB team landed. Shankar Reddy took the bribe from the Quality Control office in Anantapur and was taken as red handed. These attacks included ACB DSP Jayarama Raju, CI Pratap Reddy, Chakravarthi and Khadar Bhasha. There are also attacks on the houses of the two officers.