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Karimnagar, March 14, (way2newstv, com):
The official administration has taken steps to convert Karimnagar into a smart city. As part of this, plans for the creation of the command controlling and surveillance system within the framework of the corporation have been prepared. Officials have decided to set up polls and boards to establish a command-controlled system throughout the city. Officials are expected to stay on Stage 1, Stage-2 and Stage-3. Information on the development of the root map on the development of the area. Rs 100 crore in Stage 1 and Rs 147 crore in second installment. This funding is developed by Underground Network, Tourism Information, Maneru River Front, Haritha Hotel, Solar Rooftop, Smart Energy, Distribution, Smart Roads, Greenery, Parks, and Multipurpose School Park.

Planning of the vegetable market, hawkers, vendor’s zone, market yard redeployment as part of Stage-2 works. Road signal system, jeebra crossing, camera connections, establishment of health centers, 24 hours water supply issues will be considered. After the completion of these works, the remaining works will be conducted under the third stage. The Board of Directors decided to set up a command controlling system in the city office. Rs 300 crore has been proposed to develop the technology sector in Smart City plans. Wi-Fi services will be available for internet, cinematography, air quality, and sensor, project safe and secure. Command controlling system involves monitoring citywide information from one place to the same. Law enforcement, crime control, urban services are transparent. Local residents have expressed concern over the steps taken by the authorities to make Karimnagar a smart city.