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Vijayawada, March 03, (
Congress MP KVP Ramachandra Rao alleged that Chandrababu's new incarnation has taken place in the polls and that people have to cheat people once again and divide the guarantees. On Saturday, he wrote an open letter to CM Chandrababu on the Polavaram project. Polavaram Project is the lifeblood of Andhra Pradesh. "The UPA government has made it clear that the central government should complete the project as an" Ecpi Paidant Public Interest Project. "On 02.03.2014, the UPA Cabinet decided to add seven Mullai Mandals in Telangana to Andhra Pradesh and on 01.05.2014 the full cost of Polavaram in the UPA Cabinet Meeting That means, along with the additional burden on the new land acquisition law, the project According to the center, including the current rates on the cost-esque lesans kt pay perkonnaru tirmanincindani his letter.According to the UPA Cabinet decision, the Polavaram Project Authority was set up to complete the Polavaram project. When the Polavaram Project Authority was set up, Polavaram all went into the central jurisdiction. 

However, in the absence of power, Indira Gandhi has been removed from the Chandrababu project in June 2015. The State did not cooperate with the Polavaram Project Authority to take up the tasks. But now there is a difference in the exchange of contracts and the distribution of trades by the TDP and the BJP because the facts come out. The State does not cooperate individually to take up the Polavaram Project Authority. Pawan, who used the TDP winning question, said that he did not forget Chandrababu Polavaram details in online. The contractors did not cooperate with Chandrababu Polavaram Authority with the reason to be in his hands.  Chandrababu is the centerpiece of the Polavaram project costing the funds in the state budget and burdened on the people. There are a number of reasons why this project is under development. That is why Babu is trying to release the white paper.Polavaram has been late for two years because of the greed  of Chandrababu.. The state does not matter for the purposes of the CM. He said anything would be done for personal purposes. In the KVP letter, you have to make some of your sins atonement.