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Adilabad, April 13, (
Telangana Sarkar has taken action to get the benefit of the ration cargoes to the beneficiaries.As part of this program, implementing the E-Pass System in all over the state .Besides,providing facility to the beneficiaries to get the cargoes now where they are staying, not only in their villages.Many have commented that the burden of transportation charges has also been reduced as a result of the E- pass.Sarkar has changed the system to  get the cargoes.There was a chance to take rice to go to any store close to the beneficiary's residence.With these services,including with district people other districts  people are also taking cargoes at where they are.10,470 cardholders have been using these  services within two weeks.The use of portability services has enabled the cardholder to stay away from financially burden.

About 43 shops in Adilabad are offering portability the card holders are using these services.As a result 4,335 transactions took place.They took rice to the shop near the shop instead of a card shop. With a portability facility across the district, 10,470 people have received 3200 quintals of rice from date of date. Cardholders use portability services in 271 stores if 355 stores across the district. Initially the fingerprint was distributed rice. Fingerprints in the first month did not happen. Many people did not take the ration because the card was in place. The portability system has been brought into operation to take ration as this problem is understood. The district's inhabitants, along with those in a different district, have been given the opportunity to take ration supplies to other migrant districts from the district.