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Nallagonda, January 11, (way2newstv.com): The Central Government has recently taken into account the implementation of the goods service tax (GST) which has been implemented more effectively. Until now, GST has trademarks and people in the mess. Soon afterwards, the central government decided to give everyone awareness. 95 per cent of the merchants in Jalgaon district of Jalgaon have moved from VAT to GST. Under the GST provisions, everybody has a 20 lakh turnover. The Central Government recently split the GST taxpayers into dealers and traders.

The division of the Department of Central Excise and State Commercial Taxes Department has been taken up to monitor the dealer's dealings with taxes. The division will begin with the Central Taxes Department and State Commercial Taxes Departments.All the merchants and dealers in the joint Nalgonda district have been divested and operated by the Central and State Tax Department. The central GST and the state GST are supervised by all the items including tax returns, tax returns for dealers and merchants coming under the purview. The central government believes that the division will be fully supervised. Commercial Taxes Department has already conducted a number of awareness programs for merchants and dealers in Nallagonda district.

With a turnaround of Rs 20 lakh, the GST has moved into the GST. After the division of merchants and dealers, the central GST branches will focus on every aspect of the matter. The central government has cautioned about the implementation of the GST and has not lifted the tax on many goods. It is now reported that the merchants, along with the public, have some tendency towards the GST.
There are 6,632 people in Nalgonda district and 4,928 in Suratpet district and 1,817 merchants in Adadhi Bhubanigiri district. In the six months, the central government has received an income of Rs 75 crore from businessmen, hotels management, contractors, granite industries, entertainment tax and rural devaluations. However, the center of division of merchants and merchants is likely to be targeted to get taxes.
Information that the division process has been completed as traders have not been exposed to the tax exemption. In the district, the Comptroller and Auditor General of the Department of Commerce is fully supervised and all those in the VAT are covered by the GST. Since GST has come into operation between many different routes, only Rs 70 crore has been recovered so far. Central Excise, State Vigilance Tax Department is continuously monitoring the continuation of the division of dealers and merchants. This will increase the income further.