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Eluru, January 11, ( the Tadapalligudem constituency, the battle between the TDP and the BJP leaders reached a high level. One is doing something to create barriers and prevent developmentSo far. Differences in the two-day developments have reached a high level. One of them has reached the level of criticism of Khabdadar.

Social mediaHashulku went to the cases. TDP leaders convened a meeting on December 23 and criticized the BJP leader. This was also uploaded on social media. BJP on thisOn the complaint of the leader Naresh Someswara Rao, TEDAPA leaders were registered against four. No 1 as Teddesa leader Gedeela Srinivasu, A2 as municipal chairman Bolishetty Srinivasu, municipality as A3Social Vice Chairman Killadi Prasad, who is mentioned as No 4.

 On the other hand, the wretched condition of seeing him in his own constituency is the worst situation,
Manikala Rao expressed sadness. He spoke at the birthplace of the rally at Ramadagudem inThadeepalligudem Mandal in West Godavari district. He did not call any programs in the constituency,He has been indifferent to the local TDP leaders for any phenomenon here without his role. What are you waiting to do? What will happen to me when the situation comes to me?Andhra Pradesh will also be cut. In your own constituency, you are seen as untouchable. Patience also has bounds .. For three and a half years tolerance. What happened to Venkatapati ..

Did you ever talk to someone at any time? "Manikala Rao questioned." I am an enemy .. In this state constantly in the cabinet everybody is sitting next to the chief minister. At the center, in the state
I'm working together .. this will come to me, 'said Manikya Rao. He said that the birthplace of the village is also being funded by the Center. He said that Tahsildar,The minister also disgusted with the obscene vocabulary that there were women in the House. JPC chairman Mullapudi Bapi Raju made a strong remark. 'If you get the chance to keep me in the way ..'And they said.