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Khammam, February 1, (
State Roads and Building Minister Thummala Nageswara Rao said irrigation water is being provided by the Seetharamama project. The construction of the Sitara Rama project has been taken up with the aim of meeting the Godavari water line to ensure that the Krishna Garland area in the state will drain out. To overcome the present crisis, it is not advisable to get water from Godavari.

                                    STRETCH THROUGH SEETHARAMANA PROJECT

Seedar Project will provide irrigation to every acre of the Krishna Suburb area and make the afternoon dry. The decision was taken by the state Chief Minister KCR to look forward to making the state irrigated, as the water from the goddess of water to the Krishna Bayan, as well as the water supply to millions of ponds constructed by the Kakatiya masses, has been taken.

 Ankamma pond is being built with Rs 13 crores and warns that mini-tankbund works are inadequate if the quality is down. An aerial lake will be used to transport the surplus water to drainage, toilet and livestock projects and to undertake the construction of the canal under such projects. 22 highway bridges in Ashwaroopetta constituency will be constructed at Rs 56 crore. Bourgampattu, Ashvaroopettu road to Venkatupuram and Mullalapalli to be brought to the attention of the Union Minister. The minister said he would soon take up the four-lane highway to reach Rajahmundry via Ashwaroopettu. TRS Government is working for farmers' welfare and it will provide 24 hours power to farmers