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Kadapa, June 29, (
The statement made by Janardhan Reddy in the wake of the movement for steelwork in Kadapa has become a subject of debate. The momentum of the air is suddenly going to build the steelwork and give me the chance to complete it in two years, the BJP has suddenly grabbed Janardhan Reddy's political march. There is no doubt that the BJP's handling of the mouthpiece Janardhan Reddy now has to give him the construction work of the industry. Steel movements are likely to be rolled out in other parties' lists, while the wind generated by Janardhana Reddy is likely to be included in the BJP account. On the other hand, TDP is on the way. 
When the central government told the company that the steel industry was not aware of it, there was a proposal to campaign for a short period of time and to discourage people's sympathy. The state government is trying to get a credit for making a private industry to crack the center. The concern is that the public money is going to happen again. With the BJP and the then chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy, he got permission to set up the steelwork at Jammalam mahat in Kadapa district. The government has to pay Rs. Approximately 10760 acres were assigned to Brahmani steel plant at 18,500. In 2009, several IAS officers were also jailed for raising mining in the case of illegal mining from the allotted mining of OBLP for supply of raw ores to Brahmin. People are nodding to go ahead and build up the same industry. At present, the industry is either unemployed or unemployed. The Government has allotted about 335 acres under the OBUALAPURAM mining company to supply raw material in the OBBEL. The government has handed over a million metric tons of mining. The CBI has registered cases of rape and illegal custody of illegal mining in the mines. Mining Owners have been permitted to get around 52 lakh permits in the district only from the mining department of Kadapa district. Owners sold contracts with Air Janardan Reddy and illegally sold permits. Information about the use of permits here has been used for obulapalur mines. On the other hand, the land allocated to Brahminskaya as a subsidiary of Rs. Banks have been lending money for 5 lakhs.